Tournament of Power Manga Ending (Differences vs. Anime)

I made this article for those of you who do not want to go through the full Tournament of Power Manga, but still want to know its ending. By reading this article, you will also find out the significant ill differences from the anime.

The main points of the Tournament of Power Manga ending are similar to the anime ending. Android 17, Freeza, Goku and Jiren are the last remaining contestants and Android 17 wins. The manga ending did involve more strategy than the anime, however.

Below you will find a more thorough summary of the end phases of the tournament of power manga ending in comparison to the anime. If you want to dive deeper into things, you can head over to our Tournament of Power Manga vs. Anime article, which discusses the differences of the whole arc. If you are interested in having a physical or digital copy of the manga ending, you can order one at Amazon (affiliate link).

Feel free to use the table below to jump right to the very ending or read on to find out more about the full final phase.

The Last Remaining Tournament of Power Contestants

Final Tournament of Power Contestants in Both the Anime and the Manga

  • Android 17
  • Dyspo
  • Freeza
  • Gohan
  • Goku
  • Jiren
  • Toppo
  • Vegeta

Final Tournament of Power Contestants in the Manga, but Not the Anime (And Vice Versa)

Kale vs. Agnilasa

Only Agnilasa (the giant fused robot) made it to the final phase in the anime and not in the manga. It required a team attack by both Androids, Freeza, Goku, Vegeta and Goku in the anime, but a berserk Kale takes it out in a single attack in the manga. The following characters replace Agnilasa in the final phase of the Tournament of Power manga:


In the anime, he was eliminated quite uneventfully. In the manga, the general of the Pride Troopers is implied to be one of their strongest fighters. He, Dyspo and Toppo are the only ones to (barely) withstand an attack of Kefla.


Kale is a lot more impressive in the manga than in the anime. She scores a KO before transforming and scores 16 (!) more after becoming a legendary Super Saiyan form. This does include Magetta and the Nameks of her own team, unfortunately, after going berserk. Similar to the anime, Kale’s weakness is her predictability, which she gets rid of after fusing with Caulifla. She then eliminates 6 out of 10 members of Universe 11, increasing her KO counter even further. After her rampage, very few contestants remain, securing herself a spot in the final phase of the tournament.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi survives his early skirmish against Frost long enough for Goku to intervene. He has some small skirmishes against the Pride Troopers after that, without eliminating any of them or being in danger himself. As just about all characters get a lot less screentime in the manga than in the anime, this was sufficient for Roshi to make it to the final phase.

Kefla vs. Gohan

Gohan vs. Kefla

Kefla sets her eyes on Jiren and Goku after eliminating most of the Pride Troopers, but Gohan intervenes. Kefla asks Gohan if he isn’t going to transform, but Gohan (in his Ultimate form) declares he wants to evolve as a human, not a Saiyan. The battle goes back and forth and ends in a double KO. Gohan receives praise from both Piccolo and Beerus. His feat makes him one of the only characters performing significantly better in the manga than in the anime. It also scales him above Freeza, who struggled with Kale’s unfused form.

After Kefla’s and Gohan’s double KO, there are 9 contestants remaining.

Master Roshi’s Time To Shine

Goku struggles against Jiren and feels he needs more raw power to stand a chance. Whis notes Goku is incorrect; what he is missing is something else. At the same time, Kahseral fails to understand why he can’t defeat Master Roshi despite his low power level. Master Roshi retorts there is more to fighting than power and eliminates Kahseral in 9th place. He then notices Goku’s struggle against Jiren and decides to intervene.

Roshi decides to remind Goku of his teachings on how to move well by giving a demonstration against Jiren. To both Jiren’s and Goku’s surprise, Roshi manages to dodge several of Jiren’s attacks. Beerus thinks Master Roshi is using Ultra Instinct, but Whis corrects him. While the principle is the same, it is still a far cry from the divine technique. In the end, Jiren overcomes his surprise and eliminates Roshi with 2 glancing blows and 1 hand chop to the back of the head. His master’s demonstration was still enough for Goku to remembers his teachings, however. He decides to calm his heart and not let his brain decide how his body moves. Goku then manages to tap into Ultra Instinct for the first time.

After the elimination of Kahseral and Master Roshi, there are 7 contestants remaining.

Jiren’s Lack of Teamwork

Toppo is blasted away by Vegeta's powerup

Goku did quite well against Jiren for a while, but Jiren adjusted to his incomplete Ultra Instinct and again gained the upper hand. In the meantime, Vegeta, noticing Goku’s transformation, transforms to a more mastered Super Saiyan Blue form out of frustration of being surpassed once again. The sheer power of his transformation blasts Toppo away. He lands on a floating platform a short distance away from the main platform, barely avoiding elimination.

Vegeta then goes up against Jiren, surprising his opponent with his increased strength. Jiren calls Vegeta the second strongest opponent he faced so far, behind Goku’s Ultra Instinct. It ends up not being enough to pose a serious challenge to Jiren, although Vegeta does manage to get a few hits in.

In the meantime, a weakened Toppo draws Freeza’s attention, who closes in like a vulture. Freeza taunts Toppo and kicks him to a platform even further away from the main stage. Dyspo attempts to save Toppo, only for Freeza to return to the main platform and destroy all floating platforms between them. Dyspo, tired from his fight against Android 17, doesn’t have the strength left to return and calls out for Jiren’s help.

Goku takes advantage of this temporary distraction to teleport himself and Vegeta away from Jiren. Jiren then turns his attention to Freeza and Android 17 and lands a few solid hits. He decided against helping Toppo and Dyspo, however, telling them to watch from the bench as he will take care of things himself. Their platform crumbles away and they are both eliminated.

After the elimination of Toppo and Dyspo, 5 contestants remain: Android 17, Freeza, Goku, Jiren and Vegeta. These are the same as in the anime.

The Ending of the Tournament of Power

Tournament of Power Manga

Freeza attempts to fight Jiren until time runs out, but Jiren is too powerful. Jiren is about to eliminate Freeza, but Android 17 blocks his attack. Jiren blasts both of them away, but Android 17 manages to land on a platform and saves Freeza by catching him by his tail. Android 17 and Freeza have a short offscreen discussion, after which Android 17 attacks Jiren. Unable to defeat Jiren, he seemingly blows himself up in a desperate move. Goku, sufficiently recovered and not wanting to let anyone down again, goes Ultra Instinct again.

Goku nearly eliminates Jiren, but runs out of stamina before being able to finish the job. Jiren is weakened as well, however, allowing Vegeta and Goku to stand a chance in their base form. They fire a coordinated Kamehameha and Final Flash at Jiren, but he resists this as well and eliminates Vegeta.

Just when Goku is about to be eliminated, Freeza shows up with a massive ball of energy. He tells Goku to pin down Jiren with the apparent goal of eliminating them both. Jiren deflects the attack after a brief struggle, however, despite his movements being restricted. Freeza had foreseen this and already closed in in his Golden form. His attack pushes both Jiren and Goku off the stage, but the sheer force also causes Freeza to fall off. Goku is confused, as there is now no apparent winner, only for Android 17 to reveal he is still in the game.

Strategy Versus Fluke

As you can see, the ending of the Tournament of Power is fairly similar in the manga and the anime. Android 17 wins in both. The flow in the manga is better, though. In the manga, Freeza and Android 17 planned this in advance. In the anime, Android 17 states he wasn’t sure himself if he would survive the blast. Android 17 does actually provide backup to Freeza and Goku in an epic end battle in the anime, however, which does make up for things a bit.

A funny part is when Android 17 asks Android 18 to take care of his family, she answers with a nonchalant “sure”. She also calls him a back actor afterward. It was quite predictable in the end, as Krillin previously wished for his bomb to be removed.

Hmph! Unlike you, we prefer strategy over reckless brawling. – Golden Freeza to Goku as Android 17 reveals himself on their way off the stadium

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