How strong is Blast?

Blast is probably the most mysterious characters in One-Punch Man. The hype his rare mentions cause has raised a lot of discussions. Some believe he will be the one to give Saitama the fight he is looking for. Others believe his strength is greatly exaggerated or that he may not even exist.

Although the information we have available on him is limited, there is enough to make an educated guess. Needless to say, this post will have manga and webcomic spoilers. I will try to limit them to what is relevant for this discussion, but as power scaling is involved there will still be a lot of them. You have been warned.

If you are just looking for the nitty-gritty, here is a summarised version. Blast is nowhere near as strong as Saitama, this is alluded to in various instances. Still, there is enough evidence to suggest that he is the real deal. He is insanely strong and should at the least be comparable to Tatsumaki. His maximum possible strength may be comparable to Boros. 

Blast and Tatsumaki

The first appearance of blast
The first appearance of blast

The first time we actually see Blast is from the perspective of Tatsumaki from when she was very young, in the webcomic. In the Manga and Anime, his appearance is shown a lot sooner, during the fight with Elder Centipede. Due to the webcomic being majorly ahead in the story, we still saw him there multiple years earlier, however.

Want to know more about the differences between the Manga and the webcomic and why both are canon? Then check out this article.

From this short appearance in the webcomic, we were able to learn the following things:

  • Blast was already active 18 years ago
  • He effortlessly took care of a large monster BUT that monster was not turned to mush, implying an actual fight (even if a short one, as the blood is concentrated in one place in the webcomic and the large monster has a large hole in it in the manga)
  • His performance was enough to inspire Tatsumaki to become a hero herself.
  • Not only that, but she and Fubuki still respect him as “the hero above all other heroes” many years later. Tatsumaki may be biased due to being saved by him, but not to a major extent. Tatsumaki is after all not one to see others at her level very easily. Also, without spoiling too much, if you have only seen Tatsumaki at work in the anime, you ain’t seen nothing yet

Blast vs. Elder Centipede

Elder CentipedeBlast is mentioned as having defeated Elder Centipede two years ago, proving that he is still active.

In this fight as well we get a good measure of Blast’s strength. He grievously wounded Elder Centipede, a strong Dragon threat monster, but was unable to prevent its escape. This was when Elder Centipede was weaker than he is now, but Psykos believes Blast would still win even now.

Seeing as Tatsumaki and Metal Knight were the only other ones seen by Psykos as being able to defeat Elder Centipede, this adds additional information to estimate Blast’s strength.

A common misconception about Elder Centipede is that Saitama needed to use a serious punch to defeat it. This is not the case. Saitama simply used a serious punch to completely disintegrate Elder Centipede, preventing the nearby village from being destroyed or damaged by flying body parts.

He was also very frustrated due to losing over and over again against King in video games and needed to let off some steam. This is also the reason he waited until the last moment to save King.



Blast vs. Ninja Village Leader

From the webcomic, we know that the leader of the ninja village leader challenged Blast 15 years ago. This ended up with the Ninja Leader going into a coma for the next 15 years.

This sounds promising but does not add as much information as the previous two sections. We know that the Ninja Village often produces demon-level threat ninjas. Comparing this to S class standards, this is not overly impressive, however. Only after being turned into monsters do these ninjas reach Dragon Level status.

We know that the Ninja Village leader is considered the strongest Ninja to ever exist, but we don’t know just how strong he is. The Hero Association did not exist yet 15 years ago, so Blast was the default hero to challenge. It doesn’t mean other S class heroes wouldn’t be able to win.

The two most famous ninjas from a story perspective are Speed of Sound Sonic and Flashy Flash. They are both stronger than other ninjas though, so it is impossible to use them to estimate the leader’s strength. When Flashy Flash murdered everyone in the Village with the exception of Sonic, the leader had already been in a coma for six years.

Despite not giving us much insight now, this information is still worth keeping in mind. Assuming the Village Leader does not just get one punched by Saitama, we may learn more about Blast’s strength through him later.

The trump card of the hero association

Sitch about BlastAs even Anime only fans know, Blast is usually a no-show at the hero association. This leads to frustration with some of the association staff as they believe he does not deserve his rank under those circumstances. Sitch, a senior association member, then states that he has enough faith in Blast to know that he will show up if humanity needs saving.

This at the least shows that Sitch believes Blast can handle anything that has shown up until that point. It remains to be seen how knowledgeable he is on such matters though. An ant does not necessarily know the difference in strength between a human and an elephant.

Blast and Boros

When the Seer told Boros earth has the fight he is seeking, this could have been about Blast. This has not yet been confirmed and there are several other possibilities, but it is a definite possibility.

This does not mean that Blast would have actually defeated Boros, just being able to give him a good fight (even if “just” in his armored form) would already count as giving him a thrilling fight. This is further supported by recent manga feats of Tatsumaki who may not have been behind Boros as much as we may have thought (though I doubt she would be able to win).

Blast vs Flashy Flash

Although we have yet to see Blast in the anime, he has now made a short appearance in the Manga, where he met Saitama and Flashy Flash briefly. Flashy Flash cannot resist testing if Blast is the real deal and attacks him. Blast shows vastly superior speed, beating one of the stronger S classes in his strongest area.

Saitama, unsurprisingly, seemed unimpressed. Blast also did not make any special comments about Saitama, showing he does not manage to sense power similarly to Boros. Even more facts to show that Blast is indeed far above the other S classes (with the possible but unlikely exception of Metal Knight), but below Saitama.

Blast vs GOD

In the Manga, Blast is shown to hunt down devices that allow contact with the interdimensional being GOD. Said GOD is strong enough to turn normal people into Dragon-level threats, yet Blast’s actions infuriate him. Although we do not currently know exactly how strong GOD is, this is another testament to Blast’s strength.


By piling up all the information we have available to us, we can make an educated estimation of Blast’s strength. He has faced some of the strongest opponents in the One-Punch Man world and came out on top every time. He did not, however, vaporize them like Saitama tends to do.

Blast is the real deal and is at the very least near Tatsumaki’s level. He could also possibly near the strength of the likes of Boros. Even so, it is unrealistic to expect he will be near Saitama’s level.

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