Golden Frieza vs. Mystic Gohan: Who Is the Strongest?

When Frieza returned at the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, he humiliated Gohan. Gohan was very out of shape at that point, though. Now that he has resumed training and regained his Mystic form, is he stronger than Frieza?

Golden Frieza and Mystic Gohan scale differently in the anime and in the manga. Golden Frieza is stronger than Mystic Gohan in the Dragon Ball Super anime, but Mystic Gohan is stronger than Freeza’s Golden form in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

This is not unsurprising, as Akira Toriyama only gives the main story points to the creators of both mediums. This results in Golden Frieza and Mystic Gohan scaling differently in both.

Anime Golden Frieza Is Stronger Than Anime Mystic Gohan

Frieza saves Gohan

This mainly shows against the fight against Jimizu, the Yardrat. Jimizu dominates Gohan, but Frieza dominates and even toys with Jimizu. Frieza also manages to do better against Dyspo and Toppo than Gohan did.

Manga Mystic Gohan Is Stronger Than Golden Frieza

Kale vs. Frieza

This mainly shows by how Frieza and Gohan handle Kale and Caulifla. Frieza struggles with Kale’s Legendary Super Saiyan Form, while Gohan is an equal to the fused Kefla.

It should be noted that Kale’s weakness was her predictability, due to not having full control of herself. Universe 11’s Pride Troopers eventually adjusted to this, so I am sure Golden Frieza would have too. Still, the fact remains he struggled against Kale’s power and Kefla is more powerful AND skilled than Kale.

Different Scaling, Same Ballpark

Regardless of the different scaling in the manga and anime, Mystic Gohan and Golden Frieza are at least somewhat comparable. In the anime, Gohan was able to contribute in Frieza’s fight against Dyspo. In the manga, Frieza was able to contribute against Toppo and even Jiren. One could surpass the other fairly easily and it will be interesting to see how they both evolve.

To read more about how the other characters compare between the anime and the manga, check out our article dedicated to this subject. If you would like to own the Tournament of Power manga yourself, you can get a physical or digital copy at Amazon (affiliate link).

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